Whilst holidaying at our boarding kennels, why not let your dog enjoy the other little luxuries, as they will be playing out door and will get dirty which is very natural, a warm bath with imported shampoos and conditioners will make them refresh and while you take them home you’ll also experience the happiness in their behaviour and look. Below are some of the facilities that will be available at present on the premises:

Hydro Bath to your pet/s (charged separately)
Nail cutting (charged separately)
Ear Cleaning (charged separately)

Grooming will be available on request – as we do not have full time Groomer at present on the premises, we will be asking for services from outside and hence the charges will be given on request.

What we plan to introduce in the near future is Reiki and canine massage:


The Benefits:

It creates positive energy, calmness and detoxifies.
Hastens the healing process
Promotes deep relaxation and well being
Removes negativity and negative patterns
Energises, refreshers and revitalisers

Helps with the following conditions:

Stress and depression
Acute injuries and trauma
Anxiety and tension
Skin and circulatory problems
Aggression and obsessive behaviour
Skeletal and joint problems
Digestive and respiratory problems

Benefits of Canine Massage

Improves blood circulation. It stimulates circulation which then increases the amount of oxygen that reaches tissue and flushes out toxins and waste. Great on dogs suffering from obesity.
Improves muscle tone and range of motion. Extremely beneficial for athletic dogs, even for pet dogs as massages strengthen your dog’s muscles.
Helps injured muscle heal faster. Reduces discomfort from arthritis lameness and hip dysplasia. It restores mobility and flexibility
Helps dissolve formation of adhesions
Removes waste and toxins from muscles and joints
Reduces stress caused by adjusting to new environment. It has been proven by experts and dog lovers alike that dogs bark and make noise more when they are restless, tense, hyperactive or aggressive. Massage triggers the chemicals called cytokines; these chemicals affect the dog’s hormonal system which brings down the level of stress hormones that weaken the immune system.
Reduces stiffness and provide comfort for elderly dogs.
Provides comfort
Provides relaxation and improve wellness
Disperses Pain At the spot of the massage, it induces cells to release cytokines and then instructs the brain to release pain-killing endorphins